The latest from Smith/Ffoulkes at Nexus Productions. I did the background layouts and modelled and textured the building site on this sweet ad




Android - Rock Paper Scissors

This was first shown during the recent Oscars ceremony. Produced by Nexus Productions/ Dir. Conor Finnegan

I produced the background matte paintings for the second half - it was shot in December and needed to feel like summer. The trees were modelled in Speedtree, rendered in Modo and finished in Photoshop.


 I liked the play of light on the reflective surfaces on this shelf in my kitchen, so I thought I'd try and see if I could get something of that in cg. Well, I got distracted along the way when Modo 901 came out  and  I've been playing with the new physically-based shading model when I have had the time. This is the first of a number of tests to see what it can do.

Work in progress model for a personal illustration project 

Canterville Ghost

 This image was part of an animation test based on a scene taken from Oscar Wilde's short story. I did  the environment for the test; building the set in Modo, camera mapping the mattel paintings and rendering out the passes for comp

Graphics display from the previous job

A nurnie from the same project..

Concept visual. I modelled some of the main elements in the foreground and the displays on the  tablets - and painted on some details as part of developing the image for the client

Channel 4 / Stand up to Cancer

I've been part of a small team at Nexus working on a spot for Channel4/ Stand Up to Cancer, dir.  Smith/Ffoulkes The project is nearing completion (  more here soon), but I thought I'd post this up now - this was an early test done in Modo for look and feel on the backgrounds of the project, and wasn't used in the final piece.

Testing out a carbon fibre texture for a new project..

Worksheet from a pitch for

Recent pitch image for Hampton Court Palace project


I just found these previz sets for a Charmin ad I did for Passion Pictures a while back. Quite liked them.



One of several matte paintings for a recent AOL ad

Visuals of a perfume bottle design for Burbury, modelled  from client drawings






Pencil rough for DeWynters. Part of a pitch for theatrical release of Chariots of Fire.