Here's a selection of matte painting projects I've been involved with

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Go Jetters Series 2

The matte paintings  used in the shows - concept art here

BBC 1 Christmas Together

A heartwarming tale of a sprout who nobody loves.  Nexus Productions, dir. Smith/Ffoulks. I produced the initial concept art, kept an eye on the matte painting department, did these finished mattes and living holds, modelled the trees in Speedtree, and textured SproutBoy and the other sprouts at the beginning.  I love sprouts! YouTube ad

Channel4/ Stand Up to Cancer. YouTube: 

BubbleWitch2 Saga/ King Games. YouTube


AOL / Nexus Productions Ltd. 

Q Pootle 5   Snapper Films/ Blue Zoo Productions Ltd. I was Art Director for environments on the Preproduction phase of this series ( concept work here and here), and produced all the matte paintings.

This Way Up - Oscar nominated short film Dir. Smith/FFoulkes ( Nexus Productions Ltd.)  Lead matte painter.

 TreeFu Tom / Blue Zoo Productions -  I was the principal environment designer on the show, and produced all the final digital matte paintings.

Renault / Nexus Productions Ltd.

Department For Transport / Nexus Productions Ltd.    video 1   video 2  video 3

IOC / Nexus Productions Ltd.  Video

Camera projected matte backgrounds for ads - Smith Ffoulkes/ Nexus Productions Ltd. 

 Video1  Video2

Captain Scarlet / Indestructible Production Co. - matte paintings and lighting/rendering on project. 

Free Jimmy / Slave Studios. Matte Paintings


Flaming CGI, BBC