Colour roughs for a Massey Ferguson trade ad:

Here are the first stages of the ihorror zombie cover you can see on the illustration slideshow. I liked the way the composition was working with the main figure. I wanted him to feel he was hanging up by his hands, and had just come back to life. The changed final version doesn't work for me so well, but fits the type area better I guess.

I've been working on some black and white  illustrations for OUP. 'The mysterious death of Charles Bravo' is a stage 3 English language teaching publication, and describes a real murder that took place in the 1870's. I wanted to go with a scraperboard- type style that would fit with the period, and produced these two initial backgrounds. I rather liked them, but however we finished the book in a different style. Hope you like them too.

I just found some other layouts I did while working on the Alien Storm cover for Usborne publishing.

The Client chose this layout. Here's how the artwork turned out..

The next step was to build & rig a mechanical spider, as it needed to be replicated many times for the  background images. Time and budget being very tight it ended up being quite simplistic, but it did had the advantage of being adaptable to whatever layout the client eventually approved.

This was a book jacket illustration for Usborne publishing. The brief was to illustrate an invasion of mechanised spiders as they swarmed up the Embankment by Tate Modern. These were my initial quick colour scamps in photoshop:

So here, in my new journal  section of the site, I'm going to post up a work in progress for projects as they develop. This is where I'll put drawings & doodles, colour roughs, first drafts, second drafts as well as blind alleys and stuff  I just quite liked but which hasn't made it into anything finished yet. Hope you enjoy it! And do let me know what you think..